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Jake Maurer

Jake Maurer is a product of Metamora, Illinois, which to this day remains his favorite place on Earth. Jake spent his grade school and high school years listening to Garth Brooks and dreaming of becoming a football star for the Redbirds. He then became just that, as an All-State linebacker and the Redbirds leading rusher.  He attended Eastern Illinois University, where he continued his football success as a linebacker, starting his career as a walk-on and ending it on a full-ride scholarship.  At EIU, he earned a high school teaching degree and every now and then entertained his friends around a bonfire picking and singing some of his favorite “Red Dirt” Texas country songs. Inspired by Pat Green, Jake picked up a pen and started putting some thoughts to music. Those first Jake Maurer songs are still some of his friends’ favorites.


After college, Jake began coaching and teaching but found himself looking for ways to fill the void left after a decade of playing football. He and a fellow coach discovered their common interest in playing guitar. Jake and “Sledger” mixed their love of country and rock and started playing in their living rooms, at open mic nights, and then picked up some band members to create “Irons in the Fire.” Within those two years playing in bars and dives every weekend, Jake realized he enjoyed his night job far more than his day one. He and his fiancé walked into the principal’s office and let him know they were leaving for Nashville the moment school ended. The response, “You’re kidding, right?” No joke, school ends, celebrate nuptials and head south to find out what Nashville is all about. Days later Jake landed a gig at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge on Broadway in downtown Nashville and has been playing there ever since.


Jake is not only a talented song-writer, but is also a gifted singer, plays acoustic guitar and his best quality just might be his natural ability to entertain. He loves to talk to the crowd and make them laugh by saying just about anything that might pop into his mind; the more ridiculous, the better. People walk into Tootsie’s for a beer and before they know it they have spent four hours with the Jake Maurer Band.


Jake drove into Nashville, knowing that he loved playing music but was not exactly sure what he was looking for.  Years into this business and he has realized he has what he wants…. a fun place to sing and entertain in Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and the ability to play the songs he wants, the songs he writes, at the places he loves.  He gets to play at Tootsie’s, travel the country playing huge and small venues alike and all of that still allows him to spend time at home, tending to his 2nd love—cattle, chickens and 5 kids.  He loves every day of work, whether at Tootsie’s or entertaining at any event across North America.  


The Jake Maurer Band expands their tour every year, continuing multiple annual shows—such as headlining the “Hawgarama” festival in Regina, Saskatchewan for a 7th consecutive year.  They also continued their appearance at the“Black Tie Tail Gate” for the third year running, which is sponsored through the Windsor Spitfires and is the biggest fundraiser of the the year for We Care for Kids in Ontario.  They also add new shows every year.  They recently took stage in Kalispell, Montana as the entertainment, aside Jack Hannah of the Outdoor Channel, for an Intermountain charity.  If you want to throw a party or raise some money, the Jake Maurer Band is ready to make it happen.  Jake is available for private events, big and small, and can otherwise be found five nights a week on the main stage of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.


Look for Jake’s newest album, "Lower Broad," and  his self-titled album, “Jake Maurer” on i-Tunes, on Facebook, at or at any live Jake Maurer show. He’ll be at Tootsie’s and anywhere else the wind blows him.


Metamora, Illinois

Nashville, Tennessee



Years Active:

2007- Present


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Hospitality Rider


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Booking: Jake Maurer


Moo-cow Records: Jake Maurer


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